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Hey there, my Name is Horror Show Jack!

I have been making customized FANGS and TEETH for 15 years now. What started out as a personal hobby making FANGS for myself turned into a prosperous business venture once people began to notice my work and started making me offers to make FANGS for them. It has now become a way of life for me. 15 years later, I have made well over 10,000 pairs of FANGS! Including over 200 celebrities ranging in genre from horror and sci-fi to action and entertainers!!! It’s a true honor and a very rewarding job. Welcome to the Horror Show!

About the business: HSJ provides customized fit FANGS all year round. ALL my FANGS and FANGS are made with dental acrylic. The same dental acrylic that caps, false teeth, and dentures are made of. All my materials are from a lab, and all work is 100% sanitary and safe. “NO WORK IS DONE IN YOUR MOUTH!!!” Making fangs in your mouth is neither safe nor SANITARY!!!

My product brings a little Halloween and HORROR to everyday life all year round!!! Fangs and Horror are NEVER out of season. We take an impression of you teeth producing a mold and creating the fangs/teeth from that mold. You can find us at many different Horror Conventions, Sci-fi Cons, Comicons and other events!!! Just to name a few: Wicked Faire, Monster Mania, Horrorhound, Mad Monster party, Grindhouse Days, Steampunk Worlds Fair, Macabre Fair and Many More.

Styles and Prices:

I offer over 35 different styles of FANGS and TEETH! Prices range from basic sets at $60 all the way up to $750. Just because you may not see a style you want doesn’t mean I can’t and/or already haven’t made them. Sadly not everyone is willing to provide me with a picture of my work. You’re creativity is always welcome, so if you have an idea, I’m always up for the challenge! Where other fangmakers or people tell you… “YOU CAN”T GET FANGS!!!” – take the HSJ Challenge… I have yet to meet a mouth I couldn’t make fangs for.   YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also make appointments to come to me or have me come to you. Be advised that travel fees will apply. I also do FANG PARTIES, where you and a group of friends (4 or more) can have me swing by and create custom FANGS for everyone there!

Horror Show Jack Home
Horror Show Jack Home
Horror Show Jack Home

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